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Class 11






Current Electricity


For one mole of a monoatomic g...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : (A) T, (B) T, (C) P, (D) Q

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question for one mole of monoatomic gas is the following and thermal adiabatic Work model slope of graph in isothermal process of PV graph in adiabatic bulk modulus is equal to minus CP by TV for gas is ratio of volumetric strain volumetric / volumetric formula for Blackberry

now we know that temperature temperature is component present 3002 have the ideal gas equation Aarti identification so differentiating because and is one for monoatomic gas are is constant and T is also constant for isothermal process of this item is ke candidate as TV cooking chatting outside vdp request

Nokia 110 now feeding / is equals to minus DP / current value of DP DP is equals to p DV by v plus minus of pdb ID happy birthday minus 3 by v is equal to be going to put this value is equation question paper 1 marking education but

we can write pv2 and Aarti for anyone's aarti is equal to check any option is there is no option which is matched by this for a it is the match as for the adiabatic bulk modulus same method show that person is equals to K for diabetic process Norway defence setting both side against

Biwi Ka ma BP 2220 gana V -1 Plus we Kama Delphi Utsav from finding the value of V which is equals to minus PP by Gamma P question number 333 Aarti binary option

is the match of connected graph slope of graph is given by DY by dear now in the PV graph P is y-axis and beyond the accessories for DP by DB is slow now can find the value of throw so we DP editing by DP DP DP DP DP DP

value of now we can put the value of R Ti bi bi and - V1 bi vi is here values Aarti by Visa latest set the options for this purpose of maths to see is matched by P now for the adiabatic process we have to find a game show versus peavey PV

differentiating again with respect to be TV ka TV TV shows 2012 - Kama DP birthday we request to mine gana Dawai by vi kama Gama Gama

value input value input value dancer option having this option is match b u my final answer is a C2 Kyon p2p and D2

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