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Jee Mains 2020


For a plane electromagnetic wa...

For a plane electromagnetic wave, the magnetic field at a point x and time t is <br> `vec(B) (x,t) = [1.2 xx 10^(-7) sin (0.5 xx 10^3x + 1.5 xx 10^11t)hatk]T` <br> The instantaneous electric field `vecE` corresponding to `vecB` is : <br> (spped of light `c = 3 xx 10^8 ms^(-1)`)

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`vecE(x,t) = [-36 sin(0.5 xx 10^3x + 1.5 xx 10^11 t)hatj]V/m``vecE (x,t) = [36 sin (1 xx 10^3x + 0.5 xx 10^11t) hatj]V/m``vecE (x,t) = [36 sin (0.5 xx 10^3 x + 1.5 xx 10^11t) hatk]V/m``vecF(x,t) = [ 36 sin (1xx10^3x + 1.5 xx 10^11t) hati] V/m`


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hello to the questions that plane electromagnetic wave the magnetic field at a point at any time T is equals to 1.2 into 10 raise to power minus 7 1.5 into 10 raise to power 11 TK Kaif Tesla electric field a corresponding to be his speed of light secrets to 10 days to go 8 metre per second this question I have to find out the equation of electric field at first I will write the equation so we have equation BA factory was to 1.2 into 10 raise to power minus 7 kind of point 5 into 10 raise to power plus 1.5 into 10 raise to power 11th T K K now I have to find out the instantaneous electric field so

electric field will be equal to search magnitude we know magnitude of electric field will be close to seem to be node value seen to be not received into 10 raise to power 8 metre per second and valuable notice 1.2 into 10 raise to power minus 7 now on solve this equation so valuefy not will became 36 volt per metre so this is the value of the magnitude of electric field in old so this value is inode now so here are the value of a node is 36 36 36 this value is -36 so now the direction now it is clear the magnitude of the coefficient of X and coefficient of the both are positive so direction so we will travelling at Texas because both the values are in our post you so if the both values are posted it means where is travelling along - at Texas

travelling alone minus x axis so I can write wave is travelling where is travelling alone minus x axis and magnetic field B will be long Z access to this now so the value Soi Masti sovino electric field and magnetic field direction propose professional is perpendicular to the direction of propagation and this value is jet this value of magnetic field so value why should perpendicular to both has value of electric field should belong minus y axis so this value should be equal equal to 36 - 36 into Sin of this value is 8.5 into 10 raise to power 3

act + 1.5 into 10 raise to power 11 Te but value will be low JK fund unit is volt per metre has option is right sorption is right thank you

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