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For a common emitter transisto...

For a common emitter transistor working in active state, following data is given `R_(L)=1KOmega` `V_("in")=10mV` <br> `triangleI_(B)=15muA,triangleI_(C)=3mA`. The input resistance `r_(i)`& voltage gain `A_(V)` for the transitor is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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English question questions that for a common emitter transistor working inactive state the following data is given where R is 1 kilo voltage input 10 MW 15 microampere and Delta ic3 ma do we need to find out the input resistance and voltage would he be to using this that ability to find out a Rahi input resistance and voltage and the are input array is given by the formula bhi in Bheem Kund Kaun Milta Hai so using this formula what is the value of voltage input hair the voltage input is 10 Mili V so it is pain Neeli hold upon Milta Hai bhi chij

St micro a ladies 15 micro a changing into standard standard unit 10 into 10 power minus 3 upon 15 into 10 power minus 6 from here will be the are input which is equal to zero point 670 this is the value of Array input now moving toward the next part of the question that is voltage gain the formula for the voltage gain a b is given by minus beta born RL registered load on our input from here we need to calculate first of all the beta and beta formula for the beta is delta s h i will be we have the time I see and tell TV

calculator beta beta equal to delta delta IV which is cream ma 15 into 10 power minus 3 MA LIC account from here the value will be 1.15 into 10 to the power 3 Beta and outputting the formula IV voltage gain 1 by 5 into 10 to the power 3 into RM which is 1 kilo chote T20 power 306702 zero point 67 into 24 hour 10 to power 3

calculating this the voltage gain comes to be 300 Jo game is 340 0.4 67 kilo which option 300 10167 option B is a right answer Chhoti Rajendra School

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