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Class 12






Aiims 2016


Focal length of objective and ...

Focal length of objective and eye piece of telescope are 200 cm and 4 cm respectively. What is the length of telescope for normal adjustment?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

196 cm 204 cm 250 cm 225 cm

Answer : B


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ovenstory are given with the question which test focal length of objective and eyepiece of a telescope are 204 104 CM respectively what is the length of telescope Kaun normal adjustment to post understand what exactly is the meaning of normal adjustment we have studied image forming at near point This is the first case what we have studied and a second cases image forming at PowerPoint Elite to the adjustment which is done for the image to be formed at PowerPoint is known as normal adjustment so this is our normal adjustment in this case the eye of the observer is just in a relaxed position

and it can observe the object from the far at the far distant Elite with a Lifestyle this is the case of normal adjustment knowing what exactly is the length of telescope telescope length or we can status tubelight also we can say length will be separation between orbit and writer daz separation between objective and eyepiece objective lens and eyepiece lens this is a this is what you are interested in finding and style to visualise the given diagram over in the diagram we can see there is an objective and eyepiece show the

light from the far object is been trained on the objective and it is making an image in its focal plane so weather images com is a focal plane of the objective of this objective this image will behave as a is it is an object for IP and change the image is performing at the far point for the normal adjustment case we are talking about hope for the far point so we can see this the image that is being produced by objectives should be produced at the focus of IPS as well that is the only condition where we can say this item will produce the image at the far point as we can see that this tour is are moving parallel to each other so we can say the image will be performing at Infinity so this is the case for the normal adjustment or we can say the image forming a PowerPoint show from your we can see

the distance between objective lens and eyepiece lens is nothing but the focal length of objective plus focal length of eye piece that we can write from the given situation where we can see telescope length or it's been mentioned that length of telescope therefore we can write length of telescope will be nothing but ethanol + F C and f 9 days been given as 200 + F is being given is 4 cm this comes out to be 204 this is that tube length of telescope and this my option B I hope you have understood the concept and thank you for watching


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