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Nta Neet Set 93


Flash light equipped with a ne...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the light intensity gets reduced with no change in its colourcolour changes to red and also intensity gets reducedlight colour changes first to yellow and then red with no change in intensityit stops working suddenly while giving white light

Solution : As batteries wear out ,temperature of filament of flash light attains lesser value ,therefore intensity of radiation reduces. Also dominating wavelength `(lambda_(m))` in spectrum , which is the red colour , increases.

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latest short question and question what is given that there is a flash light equipment equipped with a new set of batteries produces bright white light know when the battery wear out what will happen so when the battery warehouse out what will happen for example this is our flashlight letters represents flashlight with this let this is a required so when we are just a battery is wearing out that is the potential would be dropping ok potential which would be supplied by the battery that would decrease the corresponding to decrease in potential the current value of asset that I really would be decreased This small I is the current due to this would decrease ok so there would be less developed know when there is let's he developed so the temperature of the Hour this light would be degrees ok because due to less heat temperature will be reduced know if it is displacement law which see that Lambda in Tuti this is a constant ok so that we can say that it would be inversely proportional aur we can say that it would be constant / 3

temperature is decrease for Lambda would be increased what is this Lambda this is the Lambda corresponding to the maximum wavelength ok no if you just a member of a graph is a graph versus Lambda this is this spectral imaging BTS the purchase of a Lambda this peak value of Lambda this this this peak value this is under which is represented by the wheel disc displacement temperature is reduced we will be getting this week at the longer wavelength OK when the temperature is reduced so that speak with it so it would be something like this OK when we are then the temperature is decreased so intensity will be reduced because this temperature and speak would be shifted towards more insight ok so that would be increased know if a number is increased what would be the colour which would be which we will be seeing so the spectrum is v i b g why are we have Lambda to be minimum

anything in this sense than our Lambda would be maximum at this and that means if our battery would be wearing out then we will be getting red colour which is the correct option light intensity get reduced with no changes colour this is what it would be shifted towards the right side light coloured first changes to gelo and then to read and no change in intensity this is it stopped working suddenly suddenly while giving this is wrong because we have seen that it would be shifted toward the website so it would be given the red light and not the white like this is also wrong colour changes to read and also intensity that reduce this right because the colour would be changed into the higher with inside that is red due to change in temperature intensity value would be introduced for the correct option would be the d option hope you understood this solution thank you

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