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Five moles of hydrogen when heated through 20 K expand by an amount of `8.3xx10^(-3)m^(3)` under a constant pressure of `10^(5)N//m^(2)`. If `C_(v)=20` J/moleK, find `C_(p)`

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Solution :
Mayer.s relation `C_(p)-C_(v)=R` <br> Multiplying throughout by `n DeltaT` <br> `nC_(p)DeltaT - nC_(v) DeltaT=nR DeltaT` <br> `nDeltaT(C_(p)-C_(v))=P DeltaV ( :.nR DeltaT=PDeltaV)` <br> `C_(v) =20J`/mole Kand `DeltaV=8.3xx10^(-3) m^(3)` <br> `5xx20(C_(p)-20)=10^(5) xx8.3 xx 10^(-3)` <br> `( :.n=5, DeltaT=20K, P=1xx10^(5)N//m^(2))` <br> `Cp-20=8.3" "Cp=28.3 `J/mole K.

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