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Class 11






Simple Harmonic Motion


Find time period of the functi...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : A::B
Solution : The given function can be written as, <br> `y=y_(1) + y_(2) + y_(3)` <br> Here, `y_(1)=sin omega t` , `T_(1)=(2pi)/(omega)` <br> `y_(2)=sin 2omega t` , `T_(2)=(2pi)/(2omega)=(pi)/(omega)` <br> and `y_(3)=sin 3omegat, T_(3)=(2pi)/(3omega)` <br> `:. T_(1)=2T_(2)` and `T_(1)=3T_(3)` <br> So, the time period of the given function is `T_(1)` or `(2pi)/(omega)`. <br> Because in time `T=(2pi)/(omega)`, first function completes one oscillation, the second function two oscillation and the third three.

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hello sir question is find time period of function y = 2 Sin Omega T + sin to Omega T + sin 3 Omega T ok so we have been given a function as y is equals to sign up Omega T + sign of to Omega T + sin of Omega T I have to find what will be the time period of this even function letter suppose we know it as a Y1 sign to omega-3s Y2 and sign three years y3 function why will become Y1 + Y2 y3 the time period for function Y1 will be t is equals to 2 pi by Omega correct for the function white to it will be

latest opposite St 162 so it will be to pi by Omega that is to omega so it will be bye-bye Omega correct and for the function 3 it will be T3 request Tu To Pi by 3 X Omega or to pi by 3 Omega S current time period for the function why will be given as Y as LCM of all the time period T1 T2 T3 LCM of 25 by Omega comma bye-bye Omega 3 Omega how to get the LCM of fraction what we do if we take the LCM of numerator and denominator show the LCM will come out as bye-bye to sari

OK so the time period for the function why will be equal to 2 pi by Omega this means that the first particle will execute a complete solution in tupelo MS the second one in the second one will get to a solution Computer Solution and the third one will get 3 Computer Solution ok thank you

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