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Find the lifting force of a balloon of `2 xx 10^4 m^3` capacity filled with helium at the surface of the Earth and at an altitude of 10 km above sea level. The balloon's envelope is open underneath. For data on the properties of the Earth's atmosphere see `xi 26.10`, Table.

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Answer :
`2 xx10^5N; 7 xx10^4 N`
Solution :
The atmospheric pressure close to the Earth.s surface is, according to Table 26.3, equal to `1.01 xx 10^5` Pa, the air density is `1.23 kg//m^3` and the absolute temperature is 288 K. The helium pressure inside the envelope is the same, as the envelope communicates with the atmosphere. The density of helium in these conditions is `rho_(He) = pM//RT = 0.16 kg//m^3`. The list is equal to the difference between the Archimedean force and the force of gravity: <br> `F = (rho t - rho_(He))Vg` 

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