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Find the dimension of B^2/(2 m...

Find the dimension of `B^2/(2 mu_0)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`M L^(-2) T^(-2)``M L^(2) T^(-1)``M L^(-1) T^(-2)`None of These

Answer : C
Solution : NA


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hello the question is find the dimension of b square by two mula what is given b square by 2 this is what this is formula for magnetic energy per unit volume Tum we can write dimension of b square by two Mu not is same as magnetic energy per unit of love look at the dimension of energy energy is we can say what it is 4 into displacement

divided by wall what is the dimension of force is MLT -2 find this is again length volume is what dimension of volume is l cube fine now if I solve this becomes w m l t -2 hello fine now if you fall there will come to -3 that is ml - 12 - this will be the dimension of b square by 25 I hope you have got your answer if we talk about option after she is correct