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Find the constants a and b in Moseley's equation `sqrt v=a(Z- b)` from the following data. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL2_C44_S01_004_Q01.png" width="30%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Moseley's equation is <br> `sqrt(v)=a(Z-b)` <br> Thus, `sqrt((c )/(lambda_(1)))=a(Z_(1)-b)`.....(i) <br> and `sqrt((c )/(lambda_(2)))a=(Z_(2)-b)`....(ii) <br> From (i) and (ii) `sqrt(c )((1)/(sqrt(lambda_(1)))-(1)/(sqrt(lambda_(1))))=a(Z_(1)-Z_(2)` , <br> or, `a=(sqrt(c ))/((Z_(1)-Z_(2)))((1)/(sqrt(lambda_(1)))-(1)/(sqrt(lambda_(2))))` <br> `=((3xx10^(8)m//s)^(1//2))/(42-27)[(1)/((71xx10^(-12)m)^(1//2))-(1)/((178.5xx10^(-12)m)^(1//2))]` <br> Dividing (i) by (ii) <br> `sqrt((lambda_(2))/(lambda_(1)))=(Z_(1)-b)/(Z_(2)-b)` <br> or , `sqrt((178.5)/(71))=(42-b)/(27-b)` <br> or, `b=1.37`


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hi everyone so we're given with question with chest find the constant A and B in moseley's equation at that is under root new equals to A Z - of baby from the following data have been given with motion equation so we can write this year that is under root of new and that is equals to A to Z - of B then use the frequency is the constant and b is known as a screening constant and Z is a atomic number to be an interesting finding the value of A and B so we know the relations t is equals to new Lambda Dekho from where we can say this can be written as instead of new we can ride a Lambda Dekho the above equation can be written as Lambda and that is equals to A to Z - of be alright now we have been given without condition that two elements

given that is molybdenum and Cobalt having atomic number of molybdenum 42 and co builders 27 I have just read it and it was just provide any sort of to make it legible having wavelength of x ray at 71 PM and wavelength for beginners 170 8.5 pm alright so from this data we have to find the value of A and B so now we can say let SE 7 standard equation and Lakshadweep question number 12 we can make using the given data will make the respective equation so for first for a more that is molybdenum we can write the equation can be done as one let's say we are denoting wavelength for this element Aslam Dhawan and now we can write and that would be equals to a

Z1 - of be similarly for Cobalt weekend ride on let's say we can take it over your only ko polko world it can be done as under root of covid-19 with Lambda to NZ to this will be the case where this equation number 2 and this is a very equation number 313 subtract 2 - of three what we are going to latest we can write a CV Lambda 1 minus under root of stable under two and that would be equal to 8 can be taken out as common we are left with Z1 - of Z2 now will substitute the respective values and try to get the answer so we can write under root P can be taken orders common store we are left with one over route Lambda 1 - 1 over route of Lambda to

and it can be written as a Z1 - of lead to pronounce I will substitute the respective value as we know it is velocity of light novel substitute its value so we can write its value is 3 into 10 raise to 8 under root and into one over Lambda 1 Lambda one has been given as 71 PM substituting this value we can write pm we can say distance to - 12 - of this value is been given that is Lambda to is being given as 170 8.5 into 10 raise to minus 12 metre and yelled as a into Z1 - That To Z one has been given as 42

latest 27 42 - of 27 on following these values we can say the value of a comes out to be 0.0049 into 10 raise to 10 this is the value of a coming out to be awake and around it ok to be we can write a dash 5 into this is 4 5 into 10 raise to 7 or later this is the value of a we're getting and if we substitute this value of a in equation two or three we can get dharmpur let se from equation to we can say under root 3 by Lambda one will be equal to that is a print of a substitute its value A Z1 - of Beach from here we can substitute the values

again this can be written as into 10 raise to 8 Lambda 171 into 10 raise to minus 12 and that is equals to is being given as 5 into 10 raise to 7 Android one is been given as 27 or we can set it for that one is 42 42 - of based on solving again come here we are getting the value of be as we're considering the approximate value over and it is approximately 1.23 or later this is the constant value of A and B we are getting so I hope you understood that accept and thank you for watching

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