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Find the co-ordinates of centr...

Find the co-ordinates of centre of mass of the lamina shown in figure <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

0.75, 1.750.75, 1.50.5, 1.750.5, 1.5

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone find the coordinates of centre of mass of lamina shown in the figure if you see the lamina is this you can also see the co-ordinate it so you can see the height of the cylinder is 3 m and the width is student so if I take ko 11 unit square square like I am taking that four square to conceal their Four Square write this is of 1 unit and this is also 1111 so the Length and width of all the four unit is now we have to find out the centre of mass of this whole lamb now so you can do one thing you can assume this whole number as

like if you see in the diagram so you can take it as this whole lamb na - the soil which is missing here this one right if this was the whole Namah it then its centre of mass will be at the centre of symmetry that you can see the x-coordinate would be and the y-coordinate would be 1.5 right so the centre of mass of the whole number is the lamina was complete then it would be somewhere here and the corner of this will be 11.5 and what we have assume that this this lamina is made up of the whole namana - the cutted parts so this

so you can see the cutted part is having a centre of mass at the symmetry it so you can imagine the symmetry would be like if this point is t-shirt the centre of it will be 1.5 X co-ordinate and why Kare Dukh and see the length is too so I called it will be one holiday so now you can apply the formula to find out the X and Y coordinates of the remaining glamour so you can see the remaining lamina is something like this so what is used so the X co-ordinate of the centre of mass will be 1 -2 in division 1 -2 and same goes for the y-coordinate rate since we subtracted The Mask peel took the full marks and we

cut it a part of it right and we know the centre of mass of the whole right now you can see the whole lamb was having square 1234568 so I will take I will take the mass of this whole lemon pics I'm taking one square mass is so the having a will you have a mass of 6 amp and if you see this this this this one and the this land is to write so this is made up of two square so I will take this mass of 200 so I will just solve it and will take the masses 6 and 2m respectively that we know the cornet also conduct of the first two lamina is 132 and the second one is having a co-ordinate of 32218 so

so having a mass of 616 M and the co-ordinate if you can see them when is having a discount of 1 and M2 is having a square of 3 by to write this - to know if you will see the x-coordinate is 3 by 2 root 3 by 2 no subtracting The Mask Gate forum so if you will see this will get cancelled out so6ng -3 and will be 3M by forum so you can see this is 75 similarly you can calculate the y-coordinate also so I will use the same formula for the y-coordinate I will write M1 Y1 - M2 Y2 in division 1 -2 the masses will be the same now if you see the Y coordinates of them so first one is having 3 by 2 and second one is having one

tourist change the Y co-ordinate in the previous formula fix them into 3 by 2 is a y co-ordinate minus 2 into 1 is the y-coordinate of the small in division forum is the total marks frequency this will get cancelled by 329 -2 when will be 727 by forum so you can see it will be 7485 now we know the Kaun it is point 75 1.75 now you can see the first option is the correct one now you can see the question again this was our question we wanted to find out the centre of mass of the lamb given in the diagram and what we have done we have taken a completely and subtracted a the cutted parts from this and we got option 1.75 1.75 as the content of the remaining lamb

thank you


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