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Class 12






Current Electricity


Find : <br> (i) Potential diff...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (i) when S is open there is no current at steady state. Therefore <br> `V_(M) = 18 ` volt <br> `V _(N) = 0` volt <br> `implies V_(M) -V_(N) = 18` volt <br> (ii) When 'S' is closed, after long time steady state reaches and current through resistor <br> ` I = ( 18)/( 6+3)A` <br> `V_(A)-V_(M) = 6 xx 2 ` volt <br> `V_(N) -V_(B) = 3 xx 2` volt <br> `:. V_(B) = 0` volt `:. V_(N) = 6 `volt <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (iii) When switch S is open charge on each capacitor is due to same potential difference 18 volt. <br> `q_(1) = 18 xx 6 muC ` <br> `= 108 muC ` <br> `q_(2) = 18 xx 3 muC ` ,brgt `= 54 muC ` <br> When S is closed at steady state charge on each capacitor becomes. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `q_(1)^(')= 12 xx 6 muC = 72 muC ` <br> `q_(2)^(') = 6 xx 3 mu C = 18 mu C ` <br> ` Deltaq_(1)= ( 72 - 108 ) = - 36 muC ` <br> ` Deltaq(2) = ( 18 - 54) = - 36 muC` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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how to find potential difference between the point in handy when switch S is Konkan second one potential of Kanti after long time when switch is closed how much does the charge after long time when closed so desired to calculate and diagram is given diagram the switch is open so we have to calculate the potential difference between few and far between 20 to find winning to calculate the potential difference in steady state current will flow through the circuit if S is open current passing through the circuit between EMF and potential

School passing through the circuit so it will be anything so beautiful and so we can write in the potential at that we can put the switch is there is not true potential potential difference that is BM - VL that is 18 volt

9084 this is the answer for question 1 so between pointer and pointer is convert when the seat is open question potential of point after long time when the switch is closed now suppose this is closed so that the current is flowing from m2m so when is closed finally in steady state current field through that means question for current I is equal to be divided by this is the general equation of current source substituting the value is we have divided by total

that is 6 + 3 that is equal to similar to calculate rearranging the situation we will get into 2 into value that means we need to calculate voltage at in that means we have voltage it has 18 total voltage is so

sorry equal to 6 volt potential of point improve this answer for question to want to see how much does the charge after long-term and as disclosed that means that the capacitor and resistor is going to calculate the charge on capacitor charge 4v one that is CV one that is value 6 microfarad into V1 value is 12

so to microcoulomb oneplus to calculate V1 vs V2 12 + 6 is equal to we can say that we do is equal to learning for Kyoto it is caco3 in 2618 micro Q1 and Q2 value the potential on each capacitor is 8 and charge is song MP4 closing

the potential on each capacitor pasta printing and charge charge is 36 into 6 6218 after 3 into 3 into 1854 to

calculate actually how much does the charge after long time is closed right changing the charge 155 is q 1 - cute Kyon wale 76 2222 222

when is Cruise search the value of charge that is how much does the charge after long time when it is clear that this is a valid question

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