figure shows the field produced by two point charges +q and -q of equal magnitude but opposite signs (an electric dipole). Find the electric flux through each of the closed surfaces A,B,C, and D. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V03_C02_E01_018_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Flux through closed surface A, <br> `phi_A = Q_(in)/epsilon_0 = q/epsilon_0` <br> Flux through closed surface B, <br> `Q_B = -q/epsilon_0` <br> Flux through surface C, <br> `Q_C = (q-q)/epsilon_0 = 0 and Q_D = Q_(in)/epsilon_0 = 0` .


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hello dear students are given with the question with his figure shows the field produced by two point charges + q and minus b of equal magnitude but opposite time that is forming an electric dipole are we need to find electric flux through the closed surface a b c and d so let's start electric flux are we can calculate easily by using a ghost lock to God's law states that in general we can write electric flux that is 5 that is nothing but a.dj integral of e.dl and that is equals to you and closed over Apple 10 that is permittivity of the medium to this is by definition of Gauss law we can write it this way now we can I calculate flux through each area let's calculate it for first a that is a surface is nothing but this is given to be as this is

surface ab we are interested in flux through a can be written as a queue and closed in it is can be clearly seen the surface is closing a positive plus you charge that is divided by 10 to this is the flux through a or it can be done simply 10 sq back 70 this is flux through a n n a similar way we can calculate the flux through be satisfied as we can see this is the area of mention we are concerned with beat vacancy charge enclosed is -2 so we can write TRS -2 back at 70 to this is a + Ruby now I have to calculate similar way through Black spruce tree can be written as again we will use the same formula that is true and close

upon Epsilon 0 Royal can I did as you and that is the surface is this entire surface we are interested in this is the surface and interface we can see there are two charges + q and minus Q total charge enclosed can be written as cube minus Q 10 through it will be zero finally we can calculate its for flux through the surface as we can see surface Dr does not include any of the charge 2 plus rudy will be zero calculated plus to every surface to I hope you have understood this concept and thank you for watching

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