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Class 11






Heat Transfer


Figure shows in cross section ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : In steady state `(DeltaQ)/(DeltaT):|_(layer1)`=`(DeltaQ)/(Deltat):|_(layer4)` <br> `rArr (0.06 xx A xx (30 - 25))/(1.5 xx 10^(-2)) = (0.10 xx A xx DeltaT)/(3.5 xx 10^(-2))` <br> `rArr DeltaT = 7^(@)C` <br> `T_(3) = (-10+7)^(@)C =- 3^(@)C`

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shows in cross section of V K equal to 1.5 cm is energy transfer through the wall is the temperature of their 3 and 4 that's called this has now that you need to understand for this question is the fact that that is travelling from one to another in the current of

accountant let se if let se if I want is the heat that is travelling at their own it would be equal to I do which is the heat is travel into their which will be equal to which is the heat travel into their three we should be equal to iPhone with the heat and let smart education number one now the formula for the current is given as if given as that difference in the temperature

so equation 1 now becomes Delta 1 is equal to 2 is equal to 3 by 3 is equal to 3 by R question number resistance is given by length of the length of the material upon its thermal conductivity time I question number 2 now becomes that 11

1 is equal to the area of cross section for cancel out of one by one by two dirty 3 by 3 and 4

call me now even the difference between the two interfaces that there for example for their own it would be 30 degree Celsius 25 12 it will be 25 year we will be 33 - 34 and therefore it would be 84 - -10 degree Celsius if I get a one by l 135 - 25 35 - 25 25 25 - 25 -

LP Vinyl equal to minus minus now we need to find out if and stuff vi cause I know cable I know everyone I know what 35 - 25 is I know if I know I need to find T4 and

ok 484 do not there is a little bit of mistake 3135 let's bring all the constant one side so a 11 x is equal to 4.1 into iPhone by 4.0

0.06 11 into 5 into l4l 4.55 0.13.5 into 1 is equal to 4

7 is equal to 54 plus is equal to minus

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