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Class 12






Electric Potential


Figure shows a large conductin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `v = sqrt((2 l sigma q_0)/(m epsilon_0))`
Solution : `W_("net") = Delta K E` or `-mgl - q_0 E l = 0 -(1)/(2) m v^2` or `v = sqrt((2 m g l + 2 q_0 E l)/(m))` <br> when `E = (sigma)/(epsilon_0)`.

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hello dear students should be given with the question which is figure shows large conducting ceiling having a uniformly charged particle of charge density Sigma below which a charged particle of charge value cannot and mass M is hung from a point of small string of length L K have to calculate the minimum horizontal velocity be required to become horizontal so v v velocity we must give this drink to that it will come to this position on the string will become horizontal on right to be hard to calculate this value as we can see there is the spelling of a positive charge densities were we can see an electric field will be acting in the vertically downward direction to electric pole posts will be acting on this charged particle in the downward direction as we can see it via

so let's just write a electric field direction ok now we have been asked to calculate the minimum velocity of this type in this question we can just see when the unit is moving from here to your the spring will become horizontal and we have to see what all work is being done in moving a charge from bottom most point to this point on it so this was done I will be a responsible that is network done will be responsible for change in kinetic energy does assembly in simple words we can say we are using work energy theorem in this case work as we can see there will be hard to work done in care in this case one is due to gravity gravity one work is done and due to electric field other work is done so far as we can see a due to gravity we are doing work of - MCL sprain

it is negative because we are going against Windsor we are going in the direction opposite to that of the force force is been acting download mg and we are going Above and negative similarly we will take it caused due to means electric field into length Palazzo again we can the electric field we are moving in the direction that is displacement will be again I'll if we have a careful look so from here we are moving at a distance a will be a lonely to from here we can write initially it was the Hanging so initially it was having been given the velocity of half and respect for we can write today's final - initial finally it will become 2000 - half and waves from here we can calculate the value of

so that we can write a minus can be taken out as common so we are left with MG + 2 into l and multiplying it by 2 and dividing the term by M and taking the route so this will be the velocity expression away we will be we have to consider to make the string horizontal alright so and charges been given to be as you are not so consider airport what you not wear so this is the answer to I hope you have understood this concept and thank you for watching

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