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Class 12






Aiims 2003


Figure shown below is a distri...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : According to Gauss's law , the total electric flux through a closed surface is given by <br> `phi\=undersetsointvecE.dvecs=Q/epsi_0` <br> where Q is the total charge enclosed by the surface. The total charge enclosed by the surface is <br> Q=+q - q = 0 . `therefore " total flux " phi=0.`


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best phone below is the distribution of charges the flux of electric field due to these charges through the surface is given which one surface is inside the surface we have a inside you have + Q to charge + q and outside you have one more class so whenever you are finding the distribution of charges or whenever you are finding the flux through any surface usually will find according to cause love flux will be calculated through a closed surface so flux through the closed surface is given by Lux to closed surface will be given by 5 is equal to according to cause slight a skew by Epsilon Not use the total charges as It Breaks sum of all the charges inside the present charges will write it does NEFT charges this find out the net charge q

will be equal to minus + Q + 10 + 2 so it becomes to the total charge inside the closer faces to Q5 will be equal to what to you by Epsilon naught shudras itself will be the flux acting inside the closed surface option B to cubic cell or not the right answer

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