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Class 12






Paper 2012


Figure below shows five dc sou...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : 8 V

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hello friends question given figure below show the five DC source their EMF are shown in the figure ok so here 12255 bol forward time for waltair Soya Main To battery AP will be ok so here see in the series connection of battery when the positive end of the battery ok positive integer of the battery and the battery when the positive in of the battery is connected to the negative in another battery then the total EMF is some of the EMF of the to respective battery ok so so something over the opportunities here on board to v i v in series are so something over the upper circuit and lower series circuit ok so upper Street will be we offer up is equal to how much 52 and one that is equal to 8 v ok and

lower ok it down we can write it down is how much for and for that is equal to 8 v ok so now we have two batteries if we forget this so one battery chair 8 volt and another is at work here so with equivalent EMF of 8 volt is and are connected with each other parali ok so when we make the diagram so this will be like this one ok one battery at volt is connected here and one battery with 8 volt is connected here ok I am here a yeh be ok so this is in parlour let V atwood so when two batteries with the same EMF are connected in parallel the net ya map net ok no net yah map of the single battery with double capacity so that is equal to

EMF net is equal to how much at V ok show at V is our final answer thank you


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