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Explain how heat transfer is r...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Hello even if you talk about this question is given question is explain how heat transfer is reduced and thermoflask ok so we know that in thermo flask or heat transfer can be occur due to conduction convection radiation due to conduction Convection or radiation ok now there will will not be any heat transfer due to reduce radiation because the temperature of liquid inside the thermo flask or outer surrounding is very less ok which cannot produce radiations at such OK so the radiation is not feasible ok now coming to Convection in convection heat transfer is due to the actual movement of molecules ok but here actual movement of molecules will not be there because the more flask cap is tightly bound ok so this will not be possible now the only method of heat transfer that can take place with the thermo flask and vomit is conduction ok but this will be minimum minimal

because there is vacuum because there is vacuum between the surrounding ok let this be the surrounding and this be the water a liquid of fluid which is inside the thermo flask ok and in between them there is vacuum and we know that in vacuum conduction is not possible in vacuum conduction is not possible conduction is not possible therefore conduction is not possible due to heat transfer is reduced in thermoflask ok this is the explanation for the same I hope you understood thank you

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