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Estimate the average mass dens...

Estimate the average mass density of a sodium atom assuming its size to be about 2.5 `A^(@)`. (Use the known values of Avogadro's number and the atomic mass of sodium). Compare it with the density of sodium in its crystalline phase : 970 kg `m^(-3)`. Are the two densities of the same order of magnitude ? If so why ?

Text Solution

Solution : Atomic volume `=4/3piR^(3) times N` <br> `4/3 times 22/7(1.25 times 10^(-10))^(3)6.023 times 10^(23) m^(3)` <br> `=4.93 times 10^(-6)m^(3)` <br> Average mass density <br> `="mass"/"volume"=(23 times 10^(-3))/(4.93 times 10^(-6))` <br> `=4.67 times 10^(3)kg//m^(3)` <br> The two densities are not of the same order. This is due to interatomic spacingg in the crystalline phase.

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