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Equation of motion for a parti...

Equation of motion for a particle performing damped harmonic oscillation is given as `x=e^(-0.1t) cos(10pit+phi)`. The time when amplitude will half of the initial is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : D


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hello everyone that started sequel to the power minus 0.1 cost in party + 5 time when the amplitude will half of the initial is punishable for 1 and 7 year in this question the equation of motion is given as a equation of motion is equal to the power minus 0.1 be caused by and if you write equation for amplitude in equal to a not so Hindi

son of motion this is the part which contribute to the amplitude so we can write an order into it is par - R Ti ok in the percent is given that and the time when amplitude will so now the amplitude it amplitude is that is a is half of the initial show it will be not by two so when the amplitude is not by 2 then this equation this equation will be we can write a note battery instead of because then received is reduced to a call to a not into it the power minus Aarti ok Saini not allowed

write one battery equal to the power minus 8 p and R is given as our is given as 0.1 it ok so if if we apply both side and it will be -0.12 and if you remove the negatives if you remove this negative sign then we can write two equal to 0.1 into ok from here we can take to equal to Ireland to y0

one and Alan to is 0.69 and 0.1 ok if all this week and right here 6.93 s which is approximately 7 S ok so if is the correct option is 7 S I can write correct answer is 7 S thank you

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