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Class 11






Kinetic Theory Of Gases


Equal masses of air are sealed...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Since mass is same <br> ` n_1= n_2= n ` <br> "figure" <br> ` P_1 = ((nR) xx 300 )/(V_0)` <br> ` P_2 = (nR xx 600)/ (2V_0)` <br> ` (P_1)/(P_2) = (((nR) xx 300)/(V_0)) xx ((2V_0)/(nR xx 600)) =1:1`. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello hello 12 equal masses of air are settled into vessel of volume V not an other of volume to were not in the first whistle is maintained at temperature 300 k s is maintained at 600 K to find out the ratio of the pressure in the to do volume the temperature of the two vessel is no Tulasi is suppose this is the first Whistle and the volume hair is be not this is the second vessel and the volume is to Vinod and the temperature here is the one that is equals to 300 Kelvin temperature is treated at is equals to 607 calculate the pressure is equals to

R Ti bi vi so in first case the pressure will be and since the masses are saying so I will write the same and for both by week so we hear is we not in the second case I will write an rt2 it will be the ratio of the one and you will get into 300 is to the same quantity so from here you can see you already own and this will be our simple thank you

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