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Class 12






Modern Physics - 1


Electrons with energy 80 keV a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A::B::C::D
Solution : Minimum wavelength of continuous X-ray spectrun is given by `lambda_(min) (in Å)`<br> `=(12375 )/(E(in eV)`<br> Here, E = energy of incident electrons (in eV)<br> =energy corresponding to minimum wavelength `lambda_(min)` of X -ray<br> `E = 80ke V = 80xx10^3 eV`<br> `:. lambda_(min) (in Å) = (12375)/(80xx10^3) ~~0.155` <br> Also the energy of the incident electrons (80 kev) is more than the ionization energy of the <br> K-shell electrons (i.e.72.5 V). Therefore, characteristic X-ray spectrum will also be obtained <br> because energy of incident electron is high enough out the electron form K or L-shells. `:.` The correct option is (d).

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hello hello question is electron with energy are incident on a target of Energy Limited B contain only so you have to explain that the Limited fabric properties first of all that there is an on which electrons q and electron these are the electron and the electron having energy of the electron

electron now that's the case electrons of conduction have 22.5 so the energy of cases electron volt is 72.5 Kilo electron because because the energy of the energy of incident electron n Si electron is Greater brother name the magnitude of the magnet tube oh the energy of

the energy of ke electron electronic 72.5 and electron incidents are having energy of so that so that the shell electrons will be locked out the cases because the value of electron which are incident on it will be greater than no to calculate the minimum wavelength of this we know that the formula of insulin is is used to buy land in this case if we have to find value of Lambda its value is as we know that the product of

value 12400 upon value of is given it into 10 to the power 3 because we convert it into the form from there we will get the value of Lambda that is 0.155 endosperm so from Location X Ray emitted by the tube contents accounting work x-ray spectrum with minimum wavelength of 0.155 restaurant

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