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Electric field of an electroma...

Electric field of an electromagnetic wave `vecE = E_0 cos (omegat-kx)hatj` . The equation of corresponding magnetic field at t=0 should be


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`vecB = E_0 sqrt(mu_0 epsilon_0) coskx hatk``vecB = (E_0 /sqrt(mu_0 epsilon_0) )coskx hatk``vecB = E_0 sqrt(mu_0 epsilon_0) coskx (-hatk)``vecB = E_0/ sqrt(mu_0 epsilon_0) coskx (-hatk)`

Answer : A


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welcome to doubt in discussion given electric field of an Electromagnetic wave is equal to in out into cos Omega T minus a x Into X Factor the equation of a magnetic field at t is equal to zero and we have the option of a given electric field and electric field is equal to a note on Mega t minus x the direction of electric field is zero vector positive ok that means we can say that direction of vector is equal to you vector in the direction of direction of electric field along positive Y direction positive Y direction and he is

position vector equation propagation wave vector vector ok and the direction of propagation vector is positive X direction positive X direction and we have to find the value of magnetic field OK then is we know that do not is equal to in OT upon see where the value of g is equal to root under new not Epsilon Not ok speed of the light is equal to 1 by root under unit in ok ok then put the value of a and b is equal to be not upon the value of C note is equal to 1 by root under new Mod Epsilon Not

equal to be not is equal to root under root under new note Epsilon Not into in ok ok then the value of unit is given as you not ok then b is equal to be not of Omega 3 and Omega T minus x ok and b is equal to b is equal to be not because we know we have to find the value of the at t is equal to zero then put the value of P is equal to zero then be not of minus x because that is equal to zero then ok then b is equal to we know that cos minus theta is equal to only cos theta OK then we can write b is

the not ok then b is equal to the value of the note is equal to root and I'm not root under you not appear not even in our ok into ki at sorry keep cos square x ok this is the value of b and b have to find the direction of b vector in this question given then let us consider this is a coordinator at this this is co-ordinate Axes xy&z ok i g and a ok in this question given electric field along the Y direction and propagation vector along the positive Z

direction then definitely direction of magnetic field along the direction OK then finally the magnetic field can be written as he not root under a silent not be not Asylum not coski coski into Kitab ok and this is the right answer of this question when we see the option of this question then option option am is the right answer in not into root under may not assign or not into a direction of the direction of the magnetic field along the positive direction thank you