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Electric field at a point of d...

Electric field at a point of distance r from a uniformly charged wire of infinite length having linear charge density `lambda` is directly proportional to


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello student point of distance from a uniformly charged in having charge density Lambda is proportional to for options are uniformly charged wire and uniformly charged sphere is given the length of that linear charge Lo to find the electric field for that we consider a go tions of it is growing versions of us here are the versions of us will be a cylinder which

cylinder question class 9 of charge we are drawing a cylinder across linear chart so let the length of the cylinder is the length of that wire that is the length of the cylinder is here and here we consider a point and a distance of radius of the cylinder and to find electric field and equal to charge enclosed

find we are not finding the the total charge enclosed by Aashiq 250 what is Lambda is a linear charge density Lambda is equal to charge / length and clauses Lambda can find electric field from the situation that is in 2 hour a week and + Lambda at / we can write ll

1 by 2 Lander / here is proportional to 1 by and with the option 8 letters are raised -