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Each of the two block shown i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : Case-I <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `T-mumg=ma`........(1) <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `P-T-3mumg=ma` <br> putting value of `T` from (1) <br> `p-ma-mumg-3mumg=ma` <br> `P-4mumg` <br> `a=-2mug`.....(2) <br> Case-II <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `a=(P-3mumg)/(m)`.....(3) <br> According to `Q` <br> acceleration is same in both cases Hence equating the equation (2) `&` (3) `P=2mug`


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hello friends question is given each of the two blocks shown in the figure has mass M the pulley is a smooth and the coefficient of friction for the all surfaces in contact is new a contact horizontal force be applied to two cases shown in such a way that block start just sliding then the value of minimum force P in case of 1 and Keshav to ok so let's assume this is cash fast ok and this is care S ok so now ABC the fbd for in case one festival safer S 1st year for block B hear this is our block B ok due to this tension hair due to this string tension poster will be there ok if it is going in this direction to use acting in right word directions of frictional force new mg is equal to in

this direction ok and see if we make the FD for this block a year so see this MG due to the Newton's second Newton's third law this new MG will act in this direction right word how much Mu mg and if happy force is acting ok so if we forces acting and tension t will be there due to the setting OK and their CP is acting in left side so hair C1 frictional force will be there total mass is yet to MG so this will be how much to into new MG ok now see if this is just just dance to slide ok means share Si let's assume acceleration are you here a so we will write the equation for block B ok so this will

be how much tension t-minus New mg is equal to minus into acceleration ok so here given block we just tends to slide means acceleration will be just trance to slide ok so acceleration a is equal to zero here ok so yaar tension t is equal to how much Mu into MG let's assume this is equation fast now write the equation for block for block a OK so we write the equation for a Sonia see this P - Hare new MG + tension t + 2 new mg is equal to acceleration will zero is equal to how much new MG + tension is equal to how much Mu

MG + this will be to new MG ok so from here force is equal to how much for new MG ok in first case for new mg is the p-value now she in the second case case second year ok so you see if we make the fbd for this block B so tension T is coming here ok let's assume this is a block bhi tension t is there ok show frictional for new MG will be in just opposite direction so from here this will be an acceleration a b is just turns to slide MS tension t is equal to new MG acceleration will be zero ok now see if we make the FB block a hair ok let's assume this is our block a so see

here is acting in a left side P force ok and hair Si tension here now there is no tension only frictional force will be Delhi due to this block V due to this block B new MG will be here according to Newton's third law new mg and due to this P4 frictional force will be how much to move MG ok so you be right here so P is equal to write the equation for location acceleration is zero Justin to slideshow PG equal to how much mg + 2 MG that is equal to 3mg ok Sar value in first case is how much for new mg and in second case 3mg ok so for me you MG 3 mg means this option will be the correct option is

first option second third and fourth Surya second option is the correct option thank you

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