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Draw the output wave from (Y) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello Google let's start the question after Android and we have to draw the output of input gram first organ media Input and why is the outputs so 01110 output input R1 and R2 R1 and output is 10 then output table of power

Hero ka hyper v and Loafer from 0 to 10 hi between 1202 and 35

between 3 and 4 both are both are output will be between 45 both are low 5110 output will be between 761151 inflow not put will be the output of secondary nor gate truth table

Nariyal ke liye so let A and B are Input and why is it so how to tell if low BP is high then output and 10 min video video bahut hi 0 and both Aalo

g bhai Agro bhai lo YouTube video if BP is low and high BP is low then output is 0 both are both aur 2018 lo

Bhai and 100 and if both are loaded now NTR footwear aur code how to take Lo if one is Apollo 15 outputting and now we have to map

Shimla agreement or get and navigate then we found that is low voltage high is low if both 000 aur Patang now between 2 and 3 11 is no so if one by one is to take input output 80 between both are both are

both output will be between 56121 in my show will be 0.518 low output now last Venice navigate the truth table of NAND Gate NDA School

2001 011 101 and 110 table land and low 2011 slow slow slow that makes the output will be high

image floor 23 I will be high both aur height in output will be in the output for now if both are low airport 1821 output will be high one is low and one output will be height load and output will be

empty Kanpur diagram I hope you understand the solution thank you


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