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Class 9






Heat And Energy


Draw a diagram to show that th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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question and the question says that draw a diagram to show that the energy flow in ecosystem in any questions that is governed by law conservation of energy that so energy energy to show you how does it depend on the law of conservation of energy that uses of conservation of energy write a poster for Android on the part that we have tertiary consumer vacancy ka news

Besan ki news cal then we have second day night 283 cal primary consumer 9368 cal we have producers producers

20810 cal get energy from the sun light will get this energy from here out of the closet 810 draw Australia right here now this was 11077 coronavirus it goes away and it is being released from this it uses a

polished use how much 800 1843 cal from this that is mountain NGOs near different type of processes and GMAT stage processes 1478 cal from that also 1095 cal is well DK DK

Bose amount age 14 198 cal and from here secondary school project consumer it is 67 cal cal left out which goes here right and Dastak salary so it from here that is 46 cal that is going here it6612 cal right decisions that are written in blue production

and the things that this is metal with anything that I written with blood cell Agra selection process diagram that shows that ecosystem energy flow in ecosystem use energy conservation

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