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Class 9






Current Electricity


Distinguish between d.c. and a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Sohar the question is distinguish between DC and ac so we have to distinguish that separate two columns DC and a ok and there is a pounding between English ok so first point in DC will be such that DC will be called as direct current ok direct current age less efficiency it consume the less efficient and the alternating current the contains more efficiency and now second point will be

power consumed the power consumption in DC is less power Indian AC the power consumption is more ok and third point will be the cost of equipments in direct conductor current is very less cost of equipment is less and In alternating current the course cost of equipments

is hai osmo Pocket electrode point will be desi has higher voltage and ac have low voltage antardesi is from the Transformers Ram Transformers and the AC will be relief from generator ok touch thank you

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