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Jee Mains 2020


Distance between trough and cr...

Distance between trough and crest of waves is 1.5m while distance between two trough is 5m. Which of following wavelength is possible

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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everyone distance between trough and crest of a wave is 1.5 m find distance between two terms is 5 M which of the following wavelength is possible if you see here this is the diagram shows the distance between two wave is given our distance between two trucks is given here 5 M so you can see the distance between two consecutive for torque is it is said that distance between any two taraf se if I talk about distance between any two so we know that to the at every landour distance there will be a trust it if you go Lander Lander Lander you will be getting a trusted so I will let this is to be any two tough will be the multiple of Lambda so I will write and 1 is equals to City Centre distance between two tough is 5 M

talk about the distance between pop and grey so if you see here this is the distance between minimum distance between trough and crest and if you want to go for others if you see after Lambda there is another tough and if you go after Lander there is another frequency it is Lambda Bittu it is thrill and able to read Lambda by 2 and this distance is 3 Lambda Bittu and this distance is 5922 style you are adding Lambda and you are getting a new distance between one crest and one tough write very simple to you can generalize is it and + 1 Ram Darbar to write two and two plus one that is the general distance between any for increased so that is

the question is 1.5 so it will be if you see how the two equations with this is equation 1 and this is equation to show if I will provide the two equations so I will write equation 1 by question to that is 5.5 = 2 and 1 Lambda upon is by to this is 10 by 3 if you see private right it equals to 10 by 30 this can we cancel out by 5 right now you can cross multiply so and London will get cancelled out here it's now you can cross multiply so you will write and one in 23 is equals to 5 2 and 2 + 1 rate ok so you can seal and 1 is equals to 10 and 2 + 5 by 3

both her integer and 1 and 2 are integer when the N2 is it is equal to 1 then 1 is also Intezar if you see 15 by 3 is 5 and if you keep an end to 2 then you will you won't get it integer or other ki pant 233 it will be 30 30 + 5 by 3 is not a integer know if you bring it into ko than if you put therefore sweet 40 plus 5 that is 45371 will be 45 by three letters fifty know if you put to the end if you would put the value of and 5 then you will get 55 by 3 but is which is not a integer than 6 then 7 if you put into squares 27 then again you get a integer that is 75

battery that is 25 simple so we got to the integer of 1 value integer at and 2 equals to 1 4 and 7 night at if I put the value put the value of an equal to 1 then I got the annual = 25 you could see me now it is ask that what to wavelength is possible now you what you are to do just put the values of N 1 and 2 anyone you could put here if you see and we'll discuss 25 so I will the squares 25111 rate in the value of 1 equals to 5 then I will get the land of one if I put the annual equals to 15 so 5 by 15 is 1 by 3 if I put the value of n 1 is equal to

2521 by 5 and so on so just you have to put the value of these 5 15 and 25 you will get want 1 by 3 1 by 5 as the answer now could match the options your so 11 by 31 by 5 that is option b and b is will be the correct option thank you


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