Differentiate each function by applying the basic rules of differentiation <br> `((3x+1)/(x+2))(x+7)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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given question is differentiate each function by applying the basic rules of differentiation we have the function 3 X + 1 over expressed through on X X + 7 so the given function is let se why we have 3 X + 1 divided by X + 2 and 4 x x + K so it was a simplified in the numerator selecting multiple IDS to patients so we have 3 X square + 21 X + X + 7 whole divided by X + 2 Y we can write a 3 X square + 22 X + 7 whole divided by X + 2 Y function C now we have to find the differentiation now see why is the why is in the form of U by v right so

I know that if we have a function by which is in form of U by v so we can find DY by DX equal to we have to keep BSE 30 and differentiation of You - US it is differentiation of we hold / we ok this is known as this is known as quotient rule in differentiation differentiating the why we get device over DX equal to taking the numerator parties UN Dino M apart as we so keeping it is we have X + 2 into the differentiation of DY by DX of the numerator part which is 3 X square + 22 X + 7 - we have keeping the you functionality That is numerator part

send 3 X square + 22 X + 7 x definition of the denominator which is X + 2 and whole divided by 3 or m whole square if the denominator we have at least two whole square so simplifying it further we will get DY by DX equal to this is Express to now differentiating this time we will get see the definition of 3x power will be 6 X + we have the definition of 2012 will be 22 and it because for 7 it would be zero because 7 is a constant - we have 3 X square + 22 X + 7 x c differentiation of x will be one and for to it will be 0750 will be one only all /

X + 2 square solving it further we will get DY by DX multiplying it we will get 6 X square + 22 X + 12 x + 44 - 3 x square - 22 x minus 7 / Express to whole square if I get further this is 65 - 3 x square would be 3 x square Aisi have 22 112 is 34 34 - ok so this will be cancelled out so simply will get 12 x + 44 - 7 would be 37 divided by X + 2 whole square and now so this is the required differentiation of the function by

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