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Class 12






Basic Mathematics & Vectors


Differentiate each function by...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `6x^(2)`

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Hello even if we talk about this question this given question is differentiate each function by applying the basic rules of differentiation and the given function is to x cube so let me just given function is why so why is given as 2xq now we have to find out the why over DX where to find out the voice over the X and this can be written as the over DX of Rubik's Cube Now since to is constant if it can be taken out of derivative to this will be equals to 2 x of Dio DX of x cube ok now since we know that differentiation of x raise to power n with respect to X is nothing but an interface is 2 power n minus 12 by applying this particular formula I can see that the why over DXB equals to 2 x of differentiation of x cube will be 3 X raise to power 3 minus one which is a liquid 200 3 x square is differentiation of x cube no further this can be written

why over DX this will be 6 x square rupees this is our answer I hope you understood thank you

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