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Class 12






Basic Mathematics & Vectors


Differentiate each function by...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : `(-7x^(2)+6x+5)/((x^(2)-3x+2)^(2))`

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given question is differentiate each function by applying the basic rules of differentiation and we are the function to a square + X + 1 divided by x square - 3 x + to write the function of the function is equal to 2 X square + X + 1 divided by x square - 3 x + 2 we can see that the advice given in the form of U by v and we know that according to the quotient rule of differentiation if any function is given in the form of U by v so we can find the differentiation of this function as keeping vs it is differentiation of You - keeping us it is definition of we hold / V square now we have DY by DX will be given as let the numerator function PU and denominator function bi vi so

BSc it mean x square - 3 x + 2 b have differentiation of the numerator part which is to 1 square + X + 1 - we have keeping numerator part as constant 2 X square + X + 1 into the differentiation of the denominator part which x square - 3 x + 2 X whole divided by we have the denominator square which is a - 3 + 2 square sunao amplifier it further we will get DY by DX is equal to the constant part that is a minus 3 X + 2 into the differentiation of a would-be 4 x + we have the differentiation of x ft B1 and for when it will be zero because there is a constant so

Bittu b4express one now for the second term we have to acquire + 8 + 11 x see the difference of extra would be 2 x minus 5 48328 would be ok and divided by x square - 3 x + to get further we will get DY by DX equal to 2 X these two expressions we will get for x cube + x square - 12 x square - 3 x + 8 x + 2 - 94 district ration we have 4 x cube minus 3 minus root 3 + 6 x square

-1 and + 2 X + b minus 2 x square in fact that it will be + 3 X + 3 and then - 2 X + 3 whole divided by x square minus 2 whole square sunao we can cancel out the common term we have DY by DX this 4 x cube and Forex you will cancel out ok further we have now keeping the writing expert on first we have expiry -12 square military and positive ones this is one plus 7 to 7 x square - 12 and minus 27 - 14 would be - 7 x square now coming to the

extreme we cannot - 3 x + 38 MB will be left with 8 1 -2 that is 3 x 6 x + 6 further we have to + 35 this is the numerator part divided by x square - 3 x + 2 square this cannot be called for the so this is the required answer thank you

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