Updated on:26/04/2023

Describe with the help of a diagram, how compressions and rarefactions are produced in air near a source of sound.



this question describe with the help of diagram how compression and rarefaction are produced in air near a source of the latest take this as a source of sound this is a play and which then type reduce vibration when it moves itself from its original position to first position a molecules their start compressing like this is a latest take this as a wall so these are the air particles if we compress this a particle near
the wall will start compare and the density here increased so this reason the reason near the wall will become dance in the region which are further than the world will remain normal again when it goes back then the reason will remain the die and the normal part will also remain the normal by this it is creating reason like this this this this this we can say the compressor reason as
compression Hindi sad red faction show the high pressure region hair is called as compression and completion starts to move away from the vibrating object and when the body is go in that direction it creates a low pressure area which is called as refraction and have a
series of compression and rarefaction is created in the air you can see here also this is contraction in this is refraction this is compression this is refraction compression their correction in this mail this make the sound wave to propagate through air or any thank you


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