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Derive and explain Kepler's laws of planetary motion.



explain three laws for the motion of one by one office was also Orbit no aur that revolve in electrical
elliptical orbits which one of its all the planets revolve around the sun in an elliptical parks and son is always at 11 focus of this electrical part understand understand so electrical parts of the Sun
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major axis and minor axis direct and indirect speech position
so I am college right
major minor accident 11 photos
position position of the outer planets nearest distance distance of planet and position of the planet
distance from so we can see that latest movie electrical now se s s a so-called area area so
so sports and position is that it is the position of so now that is at point P is point after time
super speed line connecting planet and sun then the area 50 S P O Priya planet in time so sick losses that that is the area area
title of the line joining the areas in which conditions
and now suppose that another to Buddhism touch call it and this is the area area Swift that won the area swept a one and that area Swift
and that is area at delta delta area = 22 se area area
electrical electrical kinetic energy different different position maximum
different different small and velocity larger area
now that we know that over time to angular velocity over momentum
Google of momentum is conserved rate of Chandak so close a process according to
let's talk about the law also called law know what the law of the square of the period of revolution of the period
revolution of planet around the sun is directly proportional to you of Timi Mirza
time is directly proportional to semi major Axis so we can say upon it 22182


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