Updated on:26/04/2023

Derive an expression for self-inductance of a long solenoid of length l, cross-sectional area A having N number of turns.

Text Solution

Self-inductance of long solenoid A long solenoid is one whose length is very large as compared to its area of cross-section. The magnetic field B at any point inside such a solenoid is practically constant and is given by
B=μ0NIl ...(i)
where, μ0= absolute magnetic permeability of free space, N = total number of turns in the solenoid and l = length of the solenoid.
Magnetic flux through each turn of the solenoid,
ϕ=B× Area of each turn
where, A = area of each turn of the solenoid.
Total magnetic flux linked with the solenoid = Flux through each turn × Total number of turns
=Nϕ=μ0NlIA×N ...(ii)
If L is the coefficient of self-induction of the solenoid, then
Nϕ=LI ...(iii)
From Eqs. (ii) and (iii), we get