Class 12






Self Assessment Paper 6


Define interference. List the ...

Define interference. List the conditions of obtaining sustained interference.


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define interference least the condition of sustained interference so interference is defined as the process of superposition movies suppose here first wheel is having aptitude as Eva Omega 3 - kids that is angular frequency and angular wave ki video is having attitude of a to find of Omega T my the squared plus we can say your 596 these two ways of amplitude A1 and A2 when this position we can save yourself both are travelling in same direction at same frequency as well as the wavenumber things we can see result in name is also a b a h

equation winner team real estate + theta and here we can see that the resultant amplitude by reason of secondary root square + this can be set as a to square + 1 into a to do we can see your cost of fine so we can see a square cal certain distance between intensity and even square metre to square + 2 root 2 cos 45 interference is simply a phenomenon in which point of superposition resultant intensity of intensity of the individual resources it is slightly greater or slightly less than the individuals whose frequency so we can stay

the maximum intensity can be equal to the sum of the intensity I 1 + 2 + can be written as 22 is responding to constructive interference can be written as I want to talk to get the I 1824 simply the phenomenon of superposition of two ways such that they have their intensity greater than or less than by listen to its density is not simply the sum of the intensity this phenomenon is known as interface so in the next part is being the conditions for a sustained interference but for me can share the to listen we must be of coherent sources that is there

let se same Jagah same number that is based on content that is why did you must remain constant subject and the interface the resultant intensity is constant next week and severe beta is given that that that is rich with CEO of Sustainable v15 interface but upon the left now must be our height at is there any interference of light that is lost in space we pray for your great life compared to violet line such that the private pool villas at 16 s m Silks distance between the source and screen touch me large next we can see her distance between the states

additive inverse proportions that night beta value will be larger next we can see your tab for sustained interference the amplitude of both the source of BC such that the intensity of water resources becomes thin suppose I not such that at the point of medicine constructive Jatin because our phone I not and destructive to visit in becomes zero at the district presented at the constructive interference so that they can be separated string can see that suits you never force must be used such that one live

super poses so bees are important relations