Updated on:30/05/2023

Define 1 W of power.



in this question we have asked to define the one word power so auto power is equal to the letters say this is an object having and the force is applying on it that is so if it more a distance that is equal to 1 and the applied on it is equal to 1 Newton in the distance is 1 metre then we said that one word power is turned on so we can write ETA power or 1 watt of power is applied on a power
man object or anything is said Tu Bhi one go and it does ghar ko 1 Joule one second that is equal to julave work over time
so pagal is equal to one word which implies when bought when work is done on it in a time period of 1 second row Above and what will be equal to 1 joule per second and in other words we can say that power is one word the power is one word when the rate of consumption of energy for this is the rate of consumption of energy is 1 Joule and packing the hope you understand the contact thank you


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