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Current passing through galvan...

Current passing through galvanometer is 0.002A and resistance of galvanometer is `R_(g)=50Omega` find out shunt resistance to convert it into ammeter of range 0.5 A

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello everyone that start the question question says that current passing through a galvanometer is 0.002 a and resistance of galvanometer is equal to 50 and the shunt resistance to convert it into ammeter of range 0.2 in caution if it is that to convert the given range 0.5 MP what should the resistance for unregistered ok so if formula for shunt resistance is equal to into a g / I - so what's we need to understand why

written this formula so as we know the formula of pressure ulcers V by current this parties the voltage across this shunt resistance is shunt resistance then the voltage across different and current will be current will be the current range that that will pass through different resistance - the current going to the Galvanometer that is so if a minus the total current current current of galvanometer the rest of the country as we can write I saw

this if this whole I managed as I will pass through a m ok now here I G is equal to 0.002 a week and this one 2 into 10 to the power minus 3 a given 50 ohm and the current range for a 10.5 a in the value so RS will be equal to that is that is 2 into 10 power minus 3 a 2 into 10 to the power minus 3

MP into arji which is 50 ohm / / my net is 0.5 - LG 2 into 10 to the power minus 3 so if you solve this we will get 0.1 divided by 0.498 which will be equal to 0.22 resistance for this country 0.1 the correct option is 0.2 ohm law we can write the correct answer is

correct answer answer is 0.2 thank you


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