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Class 11






Current Electricity


Current passing through 3 Omeg...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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have a question for 9 chapter current electricity current passing through the 3 ohm resistance was so we have been given the circuit and get to find out the current in 302 them any method you can do Nodal analysis but what I will be applying there will be superposition theorem so what is superposition theorem basically what you can do you can calculate the value of current in all the branches taking and add them for both the voltage sources like for the first case what I do I'll take the 10 volt voltage source and short the 4 volt voltage should be connected straight through it so I will get some current I and then what I do I shot this 10 volt and use this forward to calculate the current and the net canteen circuit will be nothing but the sum of both the current this is what the superposition theorem says and this is what I am going to use so solving what I have the first voltage source that is Denver

the circuit will look something like this this will be at 10 v this will be a point a it has a resistance of 2 ohm connected now we have to start the 4 volt battery se will apply a straight wire across it and this will be our 3 ohm resistance to this is r310 this is hard to Ham ration you can see that the 2 ohm resistance has been shorted that is no current pass through it all the current will pass through it so the net current in the circuit would be in this case i10 bhai 310 is the total voltage divider by total resistance of the circuit that is three times now for the second part that is take the voltage source of aur V what will have been shot the 10 v so it will be a straight wire this is a point a this is a two Om this will be our 4 volt battery

and this will be a point B and the 3 ohm resistance will be connected here so if you have a look at this is nothing but this 2 ohm resistance connected in parallel across this 4 volt voltage source know what we have been asking the question that to find the current passing through 322a founded the current in three letters also find out the current in three home in this case so it will be equals to i3 Om it will be question nothing but the voltage across the three home that is we - 3b that is 4 V divide by the Race 3 show i3 women S K C is equals to 4 by 3 a no in this case the current is flowing from B to Terminal a but in this case what will happen the current with 4 floor from A to B as a hatter higher potential

this current will be in opposite direction so I net through three rooms will be equal should nothing but the difference that is done by 3 minus 4336 by three so it is to a having a look at the options are option correct that is will be sure option that is to a thank you

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