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Considering all type of D.O.F ...

Considering all type of `D.O.F` for HCl molecule of mass `m` having `V_(rms)` as `overline(v)`. Then the temperature of gas will be


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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this question question said that consider all type of degree of freedom for HCL molecule of mass M and having brms as we did the temperature of the gas will be do we need to find out the temperature of gas and considering all degree of freedom for SC and molecule which is having a mass M and B are MS is equal to the questions interval City we are MS is ok and the masses Mashallah we know that the velocity vrms is given by the formula we are MS is given by the formula root under free KP upon cookies embodiment constant is the temperature to hear from here we need to find out

and the vrms is given it we so we will put week will to root under 3K t upon and acquiring both side taking the square Suvi square equal to 3 upon the temperature what the temperature will be created equal and b square upon 3 ke temperature of the gas will be a square upon 3K to let see which often it matches the often a m b square upon 3 ke correct answer