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Consider the force F on a char...

Consider the force F on a charge 'q' due to a uniformlycharged spherical shell of radius R carrying charge Q distributed uniformly over it. Which one of the following statements is true for F, if 'q' is placed at distacen r from the centre of the shell?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Option1 `F = 1/(4piin_0)(Qq)/R^2 " for " r lt R`Option2 `F = 1/(4piin_0)(qQ)/R^2 gt F gt 0 " for "r lt R`Option3 `F - 1/(4piin_0)(Qq)/r^2" for " r gt R`Option4 `F = 1/(4 piin_0)(Qq)/r^2" for all r"`


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net questions from electrostatics and according to question consider the four se phone charge Q due to uniformly charged spherical shell of radius R carrying charge Q uniformly distributed over it ok so which of following statement is true for force if Q is placed at a distance r from the centre of the shelf ok so we have to select which of the following statement is true first of all let's see the variation of electric field due to charge tell if we assume that capital Q charge is distributed over that a spherical shell and distance from the are here on x axis and the electric field is on y-axis so as we know that the hour

lesbian capital are ok that point is capital are so when the smaller is less than capital Le electric field inside the spear is zero so electric field will be zero in that region at the surface of the that is a electric field will be maximum and that is kq upon capital R square when R is greater than capital are in that reason electric field is inversely proportional to our means in that reason electric field is equal to K U upon small OK so the force on the charge will be equal to a physical to virtual Q is a small q u e so relation of force is equal to

zero when R is lesson capital force is equal to K QQ upon capital R squared when R is capital R K Kyon Kyon upon small square when R is lesbian capital are ok sunao statement one is f is equal to K 1 upon 4 Pi Epsilon naught ke can be written as one upon 45/7 not ok so Kyon Kyon upon our square for lesson capital Radhe statement from that should be equal to f is equal to sin according to second option the force is lesbian and that is a between kq upon ke Kyunki open a square and zero when R is lesson capital that is also wrong because I should be zero for Rs lesson capital r f is equal to

1 upon 4 Pi Epsilon note q q upon a square for raising capital letters option 3 is correct ok and option for is also home to correct option is free

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