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Concentric metallic hollow sph...

Concentric metallic hollow spheres of radii R and 4R hold charges `Q_1 and Q_2` respectively. Given that surface charge densities of the concentric spheres are equal, the potential difference `V(R)- V(4R)` is :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(3Q_2)/(4piepsi_0R)``(3Q_1)/(16piepsi_0 R)``(Q_2)/(4pi epsi_0 R)``(3Q_1)/(4pi epsi_0 R)`


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hello everyone concentric metallic hollow sphere of radius R and 4 are hold charges Q1 and Q2 respectively given that the surface charge density of the concentric spheres are equal to find out the potential difference if if I say the inner inner sphere is having a radius of earth and Outer sphere is having a videos of horror and the charges on the two are 21 and kyon to calculate the potential of the inner sphere everyone that I will it because of its own task that will be this at our one here is our and because because of the outer sphere it will also have potential that would be equals to write the potential of the outer sphere because of its own charge it will have kq2 so it will be plus by 4 and because of the inner sphere

radius R and charge q 1 it will be having a potential ke Cuban bifora now you could subtract two equation to find out the this we are - v4r to this is we are in this is v4r we want the difference 835222 find out to the We Are and -3 42 now you can see here this term will get cancelled out ke 2 by 4 it's alright ke 21 b r - ke to 1 by 4 so I will get here the potential difference will equals to TV 4K 21 by so now if I write the ke is equals to 1 by 4

excellent plate that I will write 3 by 4 into 4 Pi Epsilon Not into a in 2018 so if you see here this will be equal to 3 by 16 by a silent not are in 2012 the potential difference this will be around you could check the correct option safe UCB is the correct option IQ

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