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Class 9






Upthrust In Fluids, Archimedes' Principle And Floatation


Complete the following sentenc...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : remain at the same position

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hello guys so this question is complete the following sentence is an Empty Tin container with its mouth closed has an average density equal to that of liquid the container is taken to M below the surface of that liquid and is left then the container will you guys first not much better draw the diagram we have like this empty container this is empty container and recessive and the question that his mouth is closed it is closed and it is given that is average velocity is equal to the velocity of the water density of the water source is liquid container this is water and given that it is container is taken to M below the surface If mean is water surface

is water surface and the container is 2 m below OK so the surface of that liquid and is left there so we put the container for Snake in a tab of water and then the container is taken to M below the surface and then we'll after this so then the container will know that that why a y a body floats rsync think Y beautiful just because of their densities of their densities if density is more Mor If body is sensitive ke if a body has body has

modern city modern city then it will it will think and if body has If body has less density then it will float guys here this is given in the question that the velocities are equal ok the average velocity of both are equal so if your velocities are equal to what will happen if velocities are equal it is neither sync not load so what will happen to eat it will remain constant at its position it video mein constant at the position so remain at same position in position it means it will neither string or not because their

average density is are same so I hope guys will understand this so thank you


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