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Cite an experiment to show that sound needs a material for its propagation.



husband second allotment so in this question we have to cite an experiment to show that sound needs a material medium for its propagation so a very famous experiment known as Bell jar experiment Bell jar experiment which required a bell electric bell then hazaar 2010 jobs for BA attide that is when you want to come out the air you can empower the air and creator of your vehicle in the chart that provide a time and the third component you will be needing is a vacuum kab aur AK YouTube
what you have to do is that first take the job set the belt that is the electric bell set the belt inside the jar and then switch on switch on the bed search you'll be able to hear the sound of the bill and then you do what you first close the jar and then import the compound year from the jar and after pumping out the whole year from the jar venue for the switch on the electric bell will not that is after keratin breakup after creatine vacuum
the sound the sound of sound of bell get when the total that is created then of course we will not hear any sound but if there is some presence of air then this sound will get fainted and finally gets off of the it's all that when there is air inside the jar and you are you are able to hear ringing sound of the bell and after pumping out the year and getting a wake up your way come inside recharge you will not be able to hear the ringing sound of the way it shows that it shows that shows that
sound needs medium for propagation that is material medium material medium fortification for propagation that's all about this question as thank you very much


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