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Choose the correct Boolean expression for the given circuit diagram: <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JM_20_M1_20200108_PHY_19_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`A.B``barA+ barB`A+B`barA.barB`

Answer : D
Solution : NA


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hello everyone welcome to the video so I today's question is choose the correct Boolean expression for the given circuit diagram ok so here in this question is circuit diagram is given and where to find which among the four options which among the four Boolean expression satisfies this circuit diagram ok so let us take this is part 1 of the circuit ok this is connected to five words ok so from here we can say that this is switch a and diode is connected and another switch b is connected with another diode ok so we can clearly see that this be so later surgeon that this if this is given as 0 input

that is switch is open and this is also 0 means that switch switch b is also opened then the output will be zero as we can see if the switches will be open no current will flow through it ok if we will if we would give zero here and one here then the output would be one because this which will be open and this will be closed ok so can I write here the truth table for this let us assume that output is why so here we would be if both are zero then the output would be zero if a is zero MB is 1 then output would be one inversely if a and b 0 then output would also be one and if both are one then surely output would be one from the truth table is it is clearly seen that that this is an aur Gate ok this is this

circuit implies OR gate so moving forward let us assume the second part the second part implements not get Ok for not get a transistor is used in which its emitter part is grounded ok in not get a m parties grounded and here voltage supply is given that is 5 volt and output is taken out from here so this excise and not get that is why dash sorry why dash is equals to a bar ok so this is the truth table so overall hereby agree to not get so overall if if We combine both the gates or plus not get we will get

nor Gate ok and the Boolean expression for the nor gate is a + b whole bar ok since this option is not given in the this correct option is not given in the among options so we have to first solve this aur simplify it so using demorgan's theorem what does the De Morgan theorem says demorgan's law that cut the line and change the sign that is we can cut this bar and change the sign so Aitbaar Bieber ok this is De Morgan law and inversely we can also say that a dot b whole bar is equals to a bar + Bieber ok so from first week and it here a bar dot Bieber this is output via dash Ok so are correct option for this expression for the circuit diagram

is last option that is a word or not