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Electric Potential


Charges-q , Q, and -q are plac...

Charges`-q , Q, and -q` are placed at an equal distance on a straight liner. If the total potential energy of the system of three charges is zero, then find the ratio `Q//q`. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V03_C03_E01_092_Q01.png" width="80%">.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : b
Solution :  `U = -(k q Q)/( r) - (k qQ)/r + (k q^2)/(2 r) = 0` or `Q //q = 1//4`.


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hello letter start with the question in this question but has been given that their charges minus Q capital q and minus to these are placed at equal distance on a straight line and if the total potential energy of the system is given as to be zero we need to find what is the ratio of capital to / small tube we need to find this so the potential energy would be due to interaction between all these charges so from for example if you start from here so it would be due to this -22 so it would be - 2 and minus 2 and then due to their interaction ok so we can write here as potential energy would be if this is one this is to have this is 383 so it would be you it would be forced to basically this interaction would be due to 1 and 2 + interaction between 1 and we can write one and three plus interaction between you two and three and this all sum is given as to be equal to zero ok because it is given as 20 ok now what we can do we can substitute value so it would be close to between

and to so what would be this so it would be ke so basically it is minus we can take -2 be outside then the product of charges ke is 1 by 4 and what is the distance it is our 123 so it physically -3 -4 get positive so we can take a positive sign in to cube then it would be Q square divided by what is the distance it is to our next u23 from here to hear so when we are protecting the charger it would be - we can take a minus Sin A K capital to small 2 / the distances are equal to zero ok just now what we can do we can just all this part of what are the various terms which are common so it is capital ke its common small shoe is common and uncommon what are the remaining terms it is minus Kyon + 2 by 2 then it would be + 2 by 2 minus minus this one it is we have taken to Capital q

20 ke so we can write your sub2 would be equal to what it would be cause 2 - 22 Hue ok so we need to find the ratio of capital to buy small tube adjusting the ratios of capital to small cube what would be the ratio it would turn out to be one before it would turn out to be one by one if you have taken this so what should be aware correct option correct option in this case the option Sobi option is our final option so hope you understood this explanation thank you

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