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Charge density of a sphere of ...

Charge density of a sphere of radius `R` is `rho = rho_0/r` where r is distance from centre of sphere.Total charge of sphere will be <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JM_20_M2_20200906_PHY_11_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`rho_0 piR^3``2 rho_0 piR^2``3 rho_0 piR^2``4 rho_0 pie R^2`

Answer : B


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hello everyone the question is that charge density of a sphere of radius R is row equals to do not a cone are where R is distance from centre of a total charge of the sphere will be seen this question I have to find out total charge so first we will consider a distance that is far from centre of a sphere and we will consider a year so for calculation now we know we know RO may be defined as volume charge density that may be defined as charge per unit volume so I will be equal to charges q and volume is we now volume of Sphere we know volume of Sphere will be V = 24 135 to differentiate both side dawai will be equal to 413523 h square

now we will cancel out Sodi we will be equal to 45 R square Dr from this equation from this equation you will be equal to rok week or so far this year having charge DQ and volume will be DV for small portion so that you will be equals to valuepro is rope Maula Kaun capital and value we will be the we integrate both side so integrate both side the value of DQ will be equal to this value will become pro not be constant value of TVS 45 R square Dr and these values are so it will became Our upon capital are now and integrate both side the value of are the value of resistance will change from 0 to Capital R where R is the radius of sphere now

equation is row not 45 upon our and this value will became our values Dr and value is changed from 0 to Capital now on solving this value after solving this value the value will be Ronald 45 and this value will became arrest power 4.4 Rs to call for upon 4 and capitalise already there so valuable change from capital r20 now substitute the value of the substitution the value of capital are the value will became equals to RO Note 4 5 upon capital and this value will became equals to Rs to power 4 minus 0.4 now for will can cloud and one hour will cancel out so value will be equal to charge Ronald by are you

so this will be value of charge sweet is our answer and option first is writes option first we'll be right option first we'll be right thing

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