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Cascaded Carnot engine is an a...

Cascaded Carnot engine is an arrangement in which heat sink of one engine is source for other. If high temperature for one engine is `T_1`, low temperature for other engine is `T_2` (Assume work done by both engine is same) Calculate lower temperature of first engine


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : NA


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hello Vivan ka sceptic carnot engine in an arrangement in which the heat source of one is sync for if the temperature of one engine is Stephen you can see and the lower temperature of the other is T2 then calculate the lower temperature of the first one we want the lower temperature for the first one now let's draw the diagram first solar suppose this is the engine 1 and this is the engine to handle the heat given to engine one is Q1 and the heat out from cute to from this

engine to and the temperature sp1 and hear the temperature of the sink st2 it is given in the question posed the sink of this is at temperature t and it is also the force of this reason to suppose Q is the heat rejected from the engine 1 and queues the heat source of energy so I will work done by one is w 1 is equals to 1 minus q and work done by engine to will be equal to w2 that will be equals to minus simple

by the both internet will be equal to I will write w1 is equals to w2 so I will write to 1 minus Q is equals to minus Q to so you will right here to view is equals to Q1 Q2 so if you divide both side by human right to is equals to 1 by x cube + Q to buy now this Q1 is taken by source of temperature T1 and Q2 is the sink which is getting this cute to is at temperature t to it so I will write T1

t + 2 b is equals to do if you take this common outside you will get P is equal to 1 + 2 by 2 and this will be your answer simple now let's check out of ABCD which option is correct so we have to calculate the lower temperature of the first engine that is T and V which we got 1 + theta by 2 Sobi is the correct answer simple thank you

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