Calculate the steady state current in the 2- ohm resistor shown in the circuit in the figure. The intermal resistance of the battery is negligible and the capacitance of the condenser C is 0.2 microfarad. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JMA_CE_C13_058_Q01.png" width="80%">

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At steady state, no current flows throght the capacitor branch of the circuit `2Omega and 3Omega` are in paralle. Let their combined resistance be R. <br> `therefore R=(2xx3)/(2+3)=(2xx3)/(5)=1.2Omega` <br> Net current supplied=`(6)/(1.2+2.8)` <br> I=5A <br> I divides into `I_(1) and I_(2)` <br> `2I_(1)=3I_(2) ("Potential Difference is same"]` <br> `or I_(2)=2I_(2)//3` <br> `I_(1)+I_(2)=1.5 or I_(1)=(2I_(1))/(3)=1.5` <br> `or (5I_(1))/(3)=1.5 or I_(1)=(1.5xx3)/(5)A=0.9A` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NCERT_OBJ_FING_PHY_XII_C03_E01_102_S01.png" width="80%">


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calculate the study current in the 2 ohm resistor shown in the figure the internal resistance of the condenser 10 point 2 microfarad are connected in parallel and also along with that you have one more resistance of 2.8 ohm which reflected in the condenser present at this point and steady state current so when the current study state no current flows through the capacitor so studies you can see like in studies low current flows

through say that at 4 ohms also there will be no current so because of foreign salt neglect out this part is whole part touring the steady state condition and you can assume that this part of the present 2 into 3 / 3 give you 6 by 5.1.2 resistance between

2003 ohms 1.2 years now it is in connected in series with this 2.82 so that we shall find the total equivalent will be 1.2 + 2.8 M find out the country now it is becoming like you have connect with me the bacteria as a voltage of 6 volt and total resistance is 4 if the current flowing through it that I can be calculated and is equal to 5 is equal to 5 is equal to we buy are equal it so we give you 6 are equal in 24 so you will be 6.4

vs 1.5 and current find out the potential difference across this point difference across ab will be equal to say we ab which is nothing but I into finding Residency how much is the resistance is 1.2 what should the resistance will take your into effective so we will be equal to 1.5 into 1.2 which use 1.8 port Shubh from now when you say that this

23 Amazon Pal so whatever the voltage you have for one point to the same voltage will be there for both 2 and 3 that you can find finally the current true 2 ohm resistor it should be equal to voltage is equal to be divided so which gives you the current across 2 ohm resistor pointnine a loss to the option option B is the right answer

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