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Aiims 2019 26 May Evening Shift


Calculate the mean % error in ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : Mean of the errors `= (80 + 80.5 + 81+ 81.5 + 82)/(5) = 81` <br> `|80-81| = 1` <br> `|8.05-81.5| = 0.5` <br> `|81-81|=0` <br> `|81.5-81|= 0.5`<br> `|82-81| = 1` <br> Mean error `= (1 + 0. 5 + 0+ 0 .5 + 1)/(5) = 0.6` <br> % error `= (0.6)/(81) xx 100 = 0.74 %`

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Hello Point calculate the mean percentage error in the five of the nation so if you see the observation values are given that these are the five observation value to if I calculate the mean of this value to write down mean value to you have to add add this value so this is 8.0 + 8.5 + 81 + 1.5 + 82 in division there are five of the patients were we will divide with it it with five this will be do if you take the average it will be equal to 81 now we want the mean percentage error calculate the derivation of the given observation from this mean

hello rate so if you see the division I will write down the mode of the 81 - this so I will write down the -81 it is one only the second observation is 8.5 - 18 Mod it is 5 the third observation 81 itself tired so it will be 0nly it 1.5 -8.5 so hair also point will be there now let the last of the nation is 82 - 81 it will be one of these will be the observation Itni Si Ho

to 1 + 1 is 2.5.5 10 if you add them it is 32 if I say this this is Delta X1 Delta X to Delta xt2 if you add them it will be one plus point 5 + 0.5 + 12 the whole error we got it is the number of observation that we took that is why soil divided with this I will write down it is the mean person mean error error down the mean percentage error error is equals to you see this is

pointed down 4.6 % to we have to multiply hundred and the observation the mean of the Nation was 81 so we will divide your 81 and it will be point 7 4% and this is the answer of this question 15.7 4% is the correct answer thank you

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